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Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions renew every year their scientific program through the precious cooperation with some of the major players of agro-livestock research and development.

We are deeply convinced that new professional training and business opportunities can be created only through high-level knowledge and updating activities especially dedicated to sector professionals and companies.

In 2018 we organized 129 events such as workshops, seminars, conferences and presentations focusing on agro-livestock and, in particular on:

  1. Precision Breeding
  2. Digital Agriculture
  3. Organic Productions
  4. Circular economy and environmental sustainability
  5. Milk processing Technology
  6. Pig Breeding
  7. Bioenergies
  8. New Technologies and innovaton for the agro-livestock sector
  9. Animal welfare and hygiene
  10. Livestock competitions


The scientific programme of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions can rely on the precious cooperation with high-level partners. Among others:

  • A2A Smart City
  • Agroenergia
  • AIVEMP (Italian Association of Veterinaries of Public Medicine)
  • AITA (Italian Food Technology Association)
  • AISA (Italian association of animal health enterprises)
  • AIAB (Italian association for organic agriculture)
  • Alleanza delle Cooperative italiane agroalimentari
  • ASSICA (Italian Association for meat processing)
  • ASSOLATTE (Italian Association of milk producers)
  • Bioagricert Global ID
  • Cariplo Factory
  • Clal
  • ANAFI (Italian Holstein Association)
  • CREA ZA (Agro-livestock Research Center)
  • CRPA (Research Centre for Animal Production)
  • Confagricoltura
  • Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori
  • Crefis
  • Firab
  • Ismea
  • Smart AgriFood Observatory (Polytechnic University of Milan and University of Brescia)
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • SIVAR (Italian Veterinary Association for Farm Animals)
  • University College Dublin
  • Wageningen University and Research


The events taking place during the Exhibition are the moment in which the community of companies, professionals and customers come together. CremonaFiere, however, works all the year round together with companies and sector professionals. We offer our exhibitors and sector professionals the opportunity of entering a wider circuit that ends up in the Exhibition but that is articulated in several steps all the year round. For Example:

all the year long:

  • visits to agro-livestock businesses
  • workshops
  • case-history presentations during seminar and conferences organized by CremonaFiere

during the Exhibition:

  • workshops
  • presentation of new products
  • special initiatives
  • case-history presentations during seminar and conferences organized by CremonaFiere
  • targeted focus in the Special Thematic Areas

This year in particular the professionals could profit from four different Special Areas where they could deeply explore the key issues related to breeding and farming and discover new solutions for their businesses: