The technology transfer is based on the close association between the production chains and the results of research, which must be understood and processed in order to create high-level products in which knowledge and technology are the foundations of the production model.

Science and Business: information is also circular

This synergy is advantageous both for research and for the individual links of the food production chain – from the stables and the fields to the finished product: high-level knowledge and constant updating are crucial for operating on increasingly competitive markets.

The need for greater permeability between the two spheres is therefore a distinctive element of modern relations between Science and Business, which fuel each other reciprocally with a continuous flow of information.

Training in the agro-food sector

In this area training plays a key role in increasing and updating the technical expertise of human capital in order to bring innovation to processes and production technologies and help manage the growing impact of ITC on the competitiveness of the agri-food sector.

Spotlight on training

The Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions support the Italian agri-food sector by bringing together expertise and fostering relations between all of the links in the agri-food and livestock chains. They also represent a unique opportunity to create and develop contacts and professional relationships in the supply and demand of training.

Why Cremona

CremonaFiere is located at the centre of an area with an international reputation for excellence in the agri-food sector.

  • third at national level for the value of its dairy product exports
  • produces 25% of Lombardy’s milk and accounts for over 2% of Italian agri-food exports
  • the district accounts for over 21% of Lombardy’s pigs
  • over 20 training bodies comprising professional courses, university and research centres

The protagonists of the training at the Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions

Different categories of professionals, businesses and institutions come under the spotlight:

For all Owners and Managers of:

  • Agro-livestock companies
  • Human resources at manufacturers of equipment and services for agro-livestock and IT technology
  • Human resources at companies active in food processing
  • International cooperation and training projects

It is a chance to:

  • learn about training opportunities to increase the competitiveness of the company
  • dialogue with educators and research centres in person
  • assess the possibility of courses based on company requirements

For training at all levels:

  • Public training centres
  • Private training courses
  • University and Master’s courses
  • Research centres
  • Employment agencies

It is a chance to:

  • contact motivated businesses and examine new training opportunities at all levels
  • receive valuable feedback on the training requirements of the market
  • study tailor-made courses for individual businesses

The proposition

To foster relations between all interested parties we will:

  • set up an exhibition area with information corners managed by suppliers of training and research services
  • hold a “Training Day” consisting of workshops presenting training solutions, which will be followed by face-to-face meeting opportunities with the aim of providing:
    • information on professional figures already trained
    • conditions for accessing the courses
    • indications on the training opportunities for interested businesses (e.g. courses for specific professional figures and updating, courses at companies etc.)
    • detailed guidance on market demands and trends in order to develop a didactic programme in line with the expectations of businesses