Meet the protagonists: BREEDERS!

We enjoyed livestock competitions with great heads of cattle, but now it’s time to introduce the true protagonists of 2020 edition: BREEDERS! Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions take place in the heart of the European agro-livestock system and are the most specialized event on livestock in Italy and one of the most influential worldwide. 2020 edition […]

Pig Production October Events

The favourable combination of lower foodstuff costs and higher product prices has caused an increase in the sector profitability (figures Crefis 9/2018). Slaughter pigs market has registered stable trends for producers, while processing industry has achieved different results with a greater attention for the profitability increase of non protected productions instead of PDO productions. According […]

Precision Livestock Farming, in Cremona we talk about it

Precision Livestock Farming is more than a good practice, since it has positive effects on animal welfare, farm management and farm profitability. There are many fields of application to explore. Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions explore every year the most topical andinnovative themes of the sector and awake the interest of the whole international community of sector professionals thanks to the cooperation with some of […]

Digital Farming, in Cremona we talk about it

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions explore every year the most topical and innovative themes of the sector and awake the interest of the whole international community of sector professionals thanks to the cooperation with some of the most important actors of the research & development panorama. New opportunities of professional training and business exchange can be delivered only through high-level skills and a well established know-how especially dedicated toprofessionals […]

Milk, delegation from Pakistan at CremonaFiere

A delegation of entrepreneurs and institutional representatives from Pakistan has visited CremonaFiere in the framework of the study-tour “SsafeMilk Pakistan Panel” organized by Ozolea and UNIDO ITPO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization – Investment and Technology Promotion Offices). Focus on the improvement of quality standard for food production and food safety in Pakistan dairy market, […]

Watec Italy 2019 is in Cremona

Watec comes back to Cremona (Italy) to highlight, once again, the great importance played by water related topics in a region so industrialized but still strictly connected to the agro-livestock world as the Region Lombardy. Watec 2018 achieved remarkable results and attracted to Italy the major European and international players of the sector. Among other events, last edition […]


Conference Agriculture and climate change. How to manage and save the water resources 9:00 am – Guarneri del Gesù Conference Room Organization: Cia Agricoltori Italiani Lombardia in collaboration with Università di Milano, Autorità di bacino del Po, Crea and Urbim Conference Methods for controlling phage problems in cheese making. 9:30 am – Area Forum Organization: […]

Day 3 – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26th

Workshop Farm sustainability cannot exist without economic sustainability. 9.45 am, Milk Village The #2050challenge has highlighted how the model in which sustainability has always been seen in contraposition to intensive farming needs to be completed reevaluated. The reality is that, with the increasing world population and the necessity to increase available food resources, sustainability is […]

Day 2 – Thursday, October 25th

Conference Humans and Animals – One Health The responsible use of veterinary medicines: the AISA challenge 9.30 am – Guarneri del Gesù Conference Room Topics: Antibiotic resistance Responsible use of veterinary medicines Human-animal relationships Intervention: Arianna Bolla, President of Aisa and representatives of Confindustria, Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Ministero della Salute, Sivar, Medicina Veterinaria Pubblica […]

Sustainable Dairy Farming: smart farming & sensor technology will be key

At the Agrinnovation Summit of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions 2018 there will also be one of the major research centers worldwide especially dedicated to agro-livestock. The seminar Sustainable Dairy Farming: smart farming & sensor technology will be key will be held on October 26th, from 2.30 to 3.30 pm in CremonaFiere boardroom by Kees de […]