2019 edition is on

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, the only international Exhibition on Livestock in Italy and a renowned point of reference for the whole sector, has opened its doors this morning. The 74th edition started with the worries of the recently announced American tariffs on Made in Italy products. “The fact that this exhibition is now at its […]

Pig Production October Events

The favourable combination of lower foodstuff costs and higher product prices has caused an increase in the sector profitability (figures Crefis 9/2018). Slaughter pigs market has registered stable trends for producers, while processing industry has achieved different results with a greater attention for the profitability increase of non protected productions instead of PDO productions. According […]

Sustainability at the water source in EU

Water is an essential component of agri-food production. But while many fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of water, growing them often also requires significant quantities of water. Without sufficient, good quality and easily accessible water, European agri-food production could be under threat. On average, 44% of total water use in Europe is on […]


Conference Agriculture and climate change. How to manage and save the water resources 9:00 am – Guarneri del Gesù Conference Room Organization: Cia Agricoltori Italiani Lombardia in collaboration with Università di Milano, Autorità di bacino del Po, Crea and Urbim Conference Methods for controlling phage problems in cheese making. 9:30 am – Area Forum Organization: […]

Day 3 – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26th

Workshop Farm sustainability cannot exist without economic sustainability. 9.45 am, Milk Village The #2050challenge has highlighted how the model in which sustainability has always been seen in contraposition to intensive farming needs to be completed reevaluated. The reality is that, with the increasing world population and the necessity to increase available food resources, sustainability is […]

CremonaFiere presents the Italian production model to the Indian market

CremonaFiere is currently on a business mission at the Agritex, the main international show for the agro-livestock sector in India. A delegation consisting of CremonaFiere General Manager Massimo De Bellis, Fabio Abeni from CREA Research Centre and Riccardo Negrini from the Catholic University reached Hyderabad to present the Italian agro-livestock model to the economic players […]

CYNOMIS: livestock breeding in your pocket with Plinio

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions 2018 will focus on technology in livestock breeding. Cynomys is a start-up that was founded last year. Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions will be the occasion to present Plinio, an innovative remote monitoring system for livestock breeding. This is an efficient and safe system to control animal health, to prevent possibile dangers […]

ICC will join Cremona International Livesotck Exhibitions

Founded in 1992, ICC was born with roots in yeast additives development. Over the years, ICC became a leading innovative biotechnology company with a strong dedication to solutions aiming at animal performance, health foundation and food safety. “Our technologies and support programs enable customers to realize greater efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of their business – […]

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions: CremonaFiere and Wageningen University & Research have laid the foundations for a close cooperation in the near future

CremonaFiere and the Dutch Research Center (that will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year) get the idea of a technical-scientific “dream team” for 2018 edition. In Cremona, together with international and above all Italian companies, to present the latest technologies of the sector. The 72nd edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions closed with the new […]

Water technologies and efficient water management: Watec 2018 will take place within Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions

Water crisis and water management are burning issues with a strong impact on environmental sustainability and on agro-livestock farming. Taking all of this into account, CremonaFiere announces a further enlargement of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions: in 2018, Watec – Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition & Conference (organized by Kenes Exhibitions) will take place within […]