A new approach for italian bio-energy chains and agriculture

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The BioEnergy Village is the area of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions especially dedicated to a professional and highly-specialized dialogue on the development of an integrated and sustainable chain for bio-products and for the management of energies from agricultural sources: a specific corner to present the latest news of the sector and to discuss strategic measures to enhance the value of bio-energy chains.

Focus on the most important topics for the sector:

  • procedures, technologies and agricultural waste processing for digestor feeding
  • planning and management of production activities
  • agronomic use of digestate and new use of the plant output
  • biogas and biomethane quality
  • networking for business improvement


Energy from biomasses is part of circular economy and plays a fundamental role for environmental protection, social costs reduction and for the economic development of the agricultural sector.

Considering biogas for the agro-livestock sector, Italy is the second most important European market after Germany and ranks third after China at global level. As to renewable electricity production, it has been estimated that by 2020 the system will be able to generate an economic value of 3.2 billion euros, net of incentives (Althesys figures).

Biogas, renewable source for electricity, thermal energy and biomethane production, is growing in importance very rapidly in Italy. Over the last 6 years, 4.5 million euros have been allocated, 12,000 new steady jobs have been created and natural gas production has reached the value of 2 billion cubic meters (that equals one-fifth of the national natural gas production). According to forecasts for 2020, the employment rate in this sector will double (up to 25,000 jobs) and a significant increase in agricultural plants (nowadays about 1,500) will be registered. Thanks to biogas purification through upgrading, it is possible to obtain a 100% Italian bio-fuel: biomethane, to be used for transports and into the natural gas grid (Centro Levi Cases, 2016).

With 6.7 employees for each installed MW, the biogas-biomethane sector holds the record of highest employment intensity within renewable energies (Cib – Consorzio Italiano Biogas, 2016).

With the Ministerial Decree of March 2018, new opportunities have been launched to use biomethane in the transport sector, thus paving the path for the next operational instructions for the agroenergy sector with details and incentive possibilities for new and existing plants.