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Bioenergy and Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions:
a winning combination





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BioEnergy is the only specialized Exhibition in Italy for renewable energies from agricultural sources with a special focus on biomethane biogas, digestion optimization and plants maintenance. Since 2017, BioEnergy has been taking place within Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, the only agro-livestock Trade Show in Italy and one of the most influential worldwide, where all the major players of the sector come together. The combination of BioEnergy and Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions is a guarantee of success since it can provide the whole agro-energy sector with effective answers and innovative solutions.


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BioEnergy is the ideal place to discuss the most topical themes of the sector and to find innovative and effective solutions thanks to the reliability of exhibiting companies and to the fruitful cooperation with the major scientific institutions of the sector. Moreover, BioEnergy is an effective tool for the whole year thanks to the many promotional activities organized by CremonaFiere to develop new business opportunities. BioEnergy is the favourable framework to discuss the latest trends of the agro-energy world and to present innovative products, services and solutions for the agro-livestock sector.

Experts of renewable energies from agricultural sources meet right at BioEnergy. They are:

  • Plant owners
  • Technicians
  • Researchers
  • Breeders
  • Farmers


BioEnergy is a highly specialized forum to examine the state of the art of the sector as well as future perspectives. The BioEnergy Village is the area of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions especially dedicated to a professional and highly-specialized dialogue on the development of an integrated and sustainable chain for bio-products: a specific corner to present the latest news of the sector and to discuss strategic measures to enhance the value of bio-energy chains.

Among the topics discussed in 2018 edition:

  • profitability and new business opportunities
  • biomethane
  • plant and process management
  • technological innovation
  • technical support



Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are a well established reference point for the agro-livestock sector. The combination with BioEnergy creates a prestigious international stage for Exhibitors and provides visitors with easily accessible information and innovative solutions. The Exhibition directly involves the major players of dairy cattle, pig and poultry sectors and, now, of the agro-energy sector as well.

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are the only specialized agro-livestock Exhibition in Italy and one of the most influential at global level.

2018 edition involved:


professional visitors


professional visitors are company owners

There is no better place than the BioEnergy to get in front of key players and decision-makers from the major companies of the sector


Cremona is the capital city of the major European agro-livestock system that produces over 13 billion euros within the agrifood industry (16% of the national total) and represents 44% of Italian milk production and 80% of Italian pig meat production.

The high production specialization of the territory and the precious cooperation with institutions, associations, universities and research centres have enabled CremonaFiere to become a central reference point for specialized Exhibitions and scientific events of the agro-livestock sector. After six editions of BioEnergy Italy, CremonaFiere has also become a privileged observatory for the agro-energy world. Up until now well 65 specialized businesses and associations have presented over 100 new products, prototypes and projects.

In addition to all this, Cremona is also the province with the highest number of biogas plants (about 150) in Lombardy, region holding the Italian record with 300 plants, for a total power of 250 MW (about 25% of the national total). Investments in this sector amount to 1.6 billion euros only in Lombardy (8 billions at national level). Investments in maintenance are higher than 300 million euros per year (figures by CIB, 2018).


The bioenergy sector has a considerable scope for development, in particular after the recent approvation by the EU Commission of the Italian support scheme for the production and distribution of advanced biofuels. The scheme has an indicative budget of €4.7 billion and will run from 2018 until 2022.

Energy from biomasses is part of circular economy and plays a fundamental role for environmental protection, social costs reduction and for the economic development of the agricultural sector.

As to biogas from the agro-livestock sector,  Italy is the second most important European market after Germany and ranks third after China at global level. As to renewable electricity production, it has been estimated that by 2020 the system will be able to generate an economic value of 3.2 billion euros, net of incentives (Althesys figures).

Biogas, renewable source for electricity, thermal energy and biomethane production, is growing in importance very rapidly in Italy. Over the last 6 years, 4.5 million euros have been allocated, 12,000 new steady jobs have been created and natural gas production has reached the value of 2 billion cubic meters (that equals one-fifth of the national natural gas production). According to forecasts for 2020, the employment rate in this sector will double (up to 25,000 jobs) and a significant increase in agricultural plants (nowadays about 1,200) will be registered.


The Ministerial Decree of March 2nd, 2018 by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development opens new market scenarios with incentives for the production of biomethane from agricultural waste for automotive application. Incentives will support both the installation of new plants and the conversion of existing plants occuring by the end of 2022.
Since biogas cleaning and upgrading lead to the production of 100% Italian biofuels, storage plants and distribution methods will also profit from these new opportunities.

Italian biogas production is expected to exceed 8 cubic meters, thus covering 15% of annual natural gas consumption. Biomethane represents a precious opportunity to replace imported traditional biofuels with a new biofuel that is almost exclusively produced on the national territory, thus promoting and supporting the national production chain, waste management cycle and the agricultural sector.

The protagonists of BioEnergy 2018