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With a long established tradition (72 years by now), the International Dairy Cattle Show is the only specialized Exhibition for dairy cattle in Italy and one of the major worldwidea not to be missed appointment for the professionals of the sectors and for companies providing equipment and services.


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The International Dairy Cattle Show features every year the best international brands of the sector (800 in 2017), thus offering professionals (61,841 qualified visitors in 2017) a prestigious high-quality showcase of products and services. It is no coincidence that breeders choose Cremona to find innovative solutions for their farms.

With the National Holstein Competition taking place every year, the Exhibition turns out to be the best marketplace for international genetics as well. Over 400 heads of cattle from the best Italian breeding farms take the stage to offer a comprehensive overview of the latest genetic improvements. 


The International Dairy Cattle Show boasts a rich scientific events programme that well completes the wide exhibit repertoire. Conferences, seminars and workshops (111 in 2017) involve the most qualified international experts to address the key issues of the sector. CremonaFiere cooperates all the year round with scientific institutions, associations, universities and research centres so to ensure a high-profile scientific program. The recently established partnership with CREA-FLC (the most important italian research center for the milk industry) surely deserves a special mention. The Lodi-based research centre deals with the dairy chain, in particular with dairy cattle. Fodder systems, breeding techniques and the following impacts on animal physiology and health, quality and safety of milk and dairy products, processing and valorisation of dairy industry by-products and microorganisms are the main focus of its activities.

Among the topics dealt with in 2017 edition: 

  • precision breeding
  • digital agriculture
  • organic productions
  • circular economy and environmental sustainability
  • milk processing technologies
  • pig breeding
  • bioenergies
  • technological innovations for the agro-livestock sector
  • animal hygiene and welfare
  • livestock competitions

Four Special Areas have been developed to focus on specific topics (dairy innovations, organic breeding and farming, technological innovations, renewable energies from agricultural sources) and to offer a complete overview of the latest trends. These Special Areas are:

MILK VILLAGE – For the fourth year in a row, this Special Area offers an insight into dairy technological innovations with new ideas and solutions for business development.

BIO VILLAGE – The transition to organic production is an interesting opportunity. The Bio Village area, that debuted at Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions in 2016,  is the ideal place for exhibitors to present innovative systems and solutions for organic farming and breeding.

TECHNO VILLAGE – At its third edition, this Special Area is a true technology lab focusing on innovations for the agro-livestock sector.

BIOENERGY VILLAGE – A Special Area solely dedicate to the development of an integrated sustainable chain for bioproducts: a specific corner to present the latest innovations of the sector and to discuss strategic measures to enhance the value of bio-energy chains.



Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are the only specialized agro-livestock Exhibition in Italy and one of the most influential at global level. 2017 edition involved:


professional visitors


of professional visitors are company owners

There is no better place than the International Dairy Cattle Show
to get in front of key players and decision-makers from the major companies of the sector


The International Dairy Cattle Show takes place in the area with the highest concentration of large breeding farms and processing industries. Cremona is right at the heart of the major European agro-livestock sector producing 23% of Italian dairy cattle and 44% of Italian milk. The agroindustrial production of this area is worth 12.3 billion euros (13% of the national total).

CremonaFiere carefully analyzes market trends and cooperates with the major institutions and associations of the sector, as well as with exhibitors, to provide professionals with precise answers and efficient solutions.


After a long downturn, the dairy cattle sector has started to recover due to the fact that farm-gate milk prices in Lombardy have settled on satisfactory levels (39 cents per litre in March-April 2017). Milk value in Lombardy, as widely known, is a strategic reference point for national prices, since it is here that 44% of national milk is produced.

Moreover, unlike last year, breeders are no longer required to follow withdrawal agreements and to limit bulk milk quantity. They just need to communicate 2017 estimated production.

A high-quality dairy chain is one of the strengths of the whole sector involving 27,042 professionals. 26,042 of them are producers and lead 26,339 breeding farms while the other 1,529 are milk processors operating in 2,458 processing plants. Very important is also the consumers’ positive sentiment for products (such as milk and dairy products) that are considered to be fundamental for a proper nutrition and helpful to prevent chronic diseases. As a recent Danish study shows, milk and dairy products consumption can help prevent colorectal, bladder, stomach and breast cancer.