2020 was a totally different year. We had to change our habits, our balance and our daily routine. The agro-livestock sector has never stopped in order to grant sustenance for our society but, despite all this, it experienced though difficulties too. In 2021, we are called to face, all together, the new challenge of understanding the great change that is necessary to overcome the severe economic and social crisis caused by covid-19 pandemic.

So, CremonaFiere, is ready to start this new era with a great change: new dates for Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, so to better meet breeders’ seasonal needs. Instead of taking place at the end of October, the Exhibition will take place from 2nd to 4th December, 2021.

The new edition will be both digital, for all international visitors and buyers who won’t be able to arrive here in Cremona, and onsite with new tailor-made solution especially developed to optimize companies results.CremonaFiere is ready to take on the challenge of change, sure that, this year as well, livestock will not stop (#lazootecnianonsiferma).