#LAZOOTECNIANONSIFERMA (Livestock doesn’t stop)

Hon. Teresa Bellanova, Italian Minister for Agriculture and Forestry: “Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are a not-to-be-missed appointment crossing Italian borders”

Cremona (IT), November 26th – #lazootecnianonsiferma (livestock doesn’t stop) is the focus of the new initiative by CremonaFiere that was presented this morning during an online press conference at the presence institutional and sector association representatives. Among them: the Regional Councillor for Agriculture, the Italian Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, the President of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture. During the press conference, the video created by CremonaFiere in cooperation with the protagonists of the online livestock competitions was presented: a clear sign of determination and commitment for the future coming from the area where the majority of Italian milk is produced.

«Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are a not-to-be-missed appointment that really cross Italian borders – said Hon. Teresa Bellanova, Italian Minister for Agriculture and Forestry -. Livestock doesn’t stop because the agrifood chain, that I like to call “the chain of life”, never stops and also never stopped even in the most dramatic period of this pandemic. From the countryside to the city centre, as the video says: this is the journey that we’d like to promote more and more to highlight how much quality, health, food safety, environmental, social and economic sustainability, animal welfare, right to quality food for everyone and safeguard of our environment are connected to each other. So, I’d like to thank CremonaFiere for its strong commitment in the agrolivestock sector and see you on December 5th, when I’ll be happy to be again with you on the occasion of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions».

The press conference also offered the opportunity to present the Special Edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions (3 – 5 December 2020) with a rich programme of high-level online conferences and seminars, as well as the digital version of the livestock competitions that will be online on December 14th, with over 300 heads of cattle of Holstein, Red Holstein, Brown and Jersey breed coming from over 50 Italian livestock farms.

« Breeders strongly wanted to have this special edition of the Show – said Roberto Biloni, President of CremonaFiere-.  Despite such a difficult period, they wanted to dedicate part of their time to the preparation of their heads of cattle to be present, this year as well, in the livestock competitions. In fact, Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are a true reference point for the agrolivestock sector, both at national and at international level. With  great passion, enthusiasm and courage, we collected applications from 52 livestock farms from all over Italy, for over 300 registered heads of cattle. These animals will be judged by two international judges».

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are strategically located at the heart of the most important agro-livestock system in Europe, where 23% of Italian dairy cattle and 44% of Italian milk are produced (figures 2019).

«The health emergency hasn’t stopped our commitment for the agrolivestock sector – explained Massimo De Bellis, Director General of CremonaFiere-. Despite covid-19 pandemic, we want to stay at breeders’ side to support the whole sector. Also, we will continue our international activities thanks to our cooperation with Italian Trade Agency and UNIDO ITPO Italy. We strongly believe in the potentialities of the Italian agro-livestock system for international markets».

Watch the video #LAZOOTECNIANONSIFERMA (Livestock doesn’t stop): Link