Germany reduced pig meat production in the first half of the year

In the first semester of 2020, Germany produced 2.6 million tons of pig meat. In comparison to the same period of 2019, pig meat production has registered a 1% reduction (-26 thousand tons). This trend remained unchanged also in July, with a total production of 409.404 tons, slightly higher than May and June production rates, but still lower than July 2019, when the total production was 432,300 tons.

All EU countries registered a reduction of pig meat production in the first half of the year (-0.9%). However, a trend reversal is being recorded in the last months thanks to reduced prices, the recovery of consumers demand and recent investments. A 15% increase of exports with a doubling of volumes has been registered for exports directed to China and Vietnam in the first semester of the year.

Meanwhile, the African swine fever virus is worrying European breeders. According to Adns (European Animal Disease Notification System), 8,567 cases arose among boars in the first nine months of the year, along with 862 sites among pigs. The spreading of the infection is increasing among boars and numbers are higher than in 2019. As to pigs, the situation is under control, with a decrease of registered cases in comparison to 2018 and 2019.