According to EU Commission, dairy production will rise in 2020. Arable crops will remain stable, oilseed and protein crops will increase

The EU Commission has recently published the new “Short-term outlook for EU agricultural markets in 2020”.

According to this report, EU dairy production will slow down in the second half of 2020, while in the first semester a 2.3% increase has been registered, with Italy giving the major contribution to this rise (17%), followed by Germany (14%) and the Netherlands (13%). However, by the end of the year EU milk collection will result in a 0.7% overall increase, thus reaching 144 million tons.

Crops will also increase by 1.3% thanks to high-quality grazing land and a higher use of compound feeds. Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands will be the major contributors to the increase in milk production, with Germany registering a +18% growth.

As to arable crops, EU cereal production is expected to reach 286.3 tons in 2020/21, with a decrease of -2.7% compared to 2019/20, but still above 1.7% above the 5-year average. As to oilseed production and protein crops, rapeseed is expected to reach the same level of last year, with 15.4 tons. Sunflowers production is expected to increase up to 10.4 million tons: +3.7% in comparison to 2019/20. Similarly, soya beans and protein crops are expected to increase up to 2.8 and 4.5 million tons.