“It is important to safeguard a European agricultural model that can represent all protagonists of the rural world, starting from the smaller and weaker that have a fundamental role in monitoring the territory and the environment: agricultural businesses need to grow again, to produce and ensure safe food in adequate quantity and of high quality for all European citizens” – said Paolo De Castro, S&D coordinator, to the Agricultural commission of the EU Parliament after the presentation of Next Generation EU.

The project Next Generation EU strengthens the EU agricultural budget for 2021-2027 with an increase of 24 billion euros with fixed prices, in comparison to what the previous Commission headed by Jean-Claude Junker suggested. 15 out of these 24 billion euros come from the Recovery Fund and are destinated to the EU fund for rural delevopment to achieve the goals of farm to fork strategies and of biodiversity. The remaining 9 billion euros will be devoted to direct payments to agricultural producers (4 billion €) and to rural development (5 billion €).

According to Paolo De Castro, with this measure “Europe concretely supports fundamental sectors such as agriculture and agrifood. It is very important that the president of the EU Commission has indicated Digital Agriculture as one of the sectors to invest in. In fact, the Parliament will soon start to work on the new proposal of 1,100 billion € for EU financial framework and on the supplementary financial support of Next Generation EU. We really hope that all member States will act consequently with the same enthusiasm”.

Digital Agriculture and Innovation will be center stage at the next edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions (28 – 31 October 2020) with Cremona Agrinnovation: a professional focus on technology innovations applied to the agrifood chain.