Another successful edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions. The Italian Minister for Agricultural Affairs, Hon. Teresa Bellanova: “This sector is a pillar of Made in Italy”

Professional visitors and breeders from all over Italy and Delegations of international buyers from 26 Country attended Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions to get a vision on the sector, to find effective solutions for their business and to admire the best genetic selection represented by over 400 heads of cattle involved in the national Holstein competitions. The 74th edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, taking place from October 23rd to 26th, registered a remarkable visitors’ attendance. In fact, over the 4 Exhibition days, professionals of the agrifood sector gathered in the exhibit halls of Cremona Exhibition Centre: professional operators, breeders, technicians and entrepreneurs attended the only international Exhibition specialized on livestock in Italy to discover the latest technological innovations that are transforming Italian livestock farming.

The Italian Minister for Agricultural Affairs, Hon. Teresa Bellanova, sent her greetings on the last exhibition day: “I’d like to express my gratitude for your engagement and your work, because you are carrying on one of the most relevant and historical Exhibitions of the whole Italian agrifood system, sector that has an enormous value both at national and international level – wrote the Italian Minister for Agricultural Affairs -. This is a vital moment to discover and exchange expertise and know-how on key topics related to livestock, from professional training to innovation. The sector you represent is a pillar of Made in Italy. Let’s consider, for example, the milk production chain, with its value of 15 billion euros. This is a sector deserving the highest attention possible and a long-term vision. For this reason we will soon set up an institutional round table to exchange ideas and to develop targeted actions to face current challenges, for which team play is needed – promised Teresa Bellanova – . There are many issues to discuss and all are equally important. The necessity of strengthening the relations among breeders and processing operators has become central and to this extend I do repeat that we have useful tools at our disposal, such as sectoral contracts”.

The Minister also talked about the recently announced American tariffs on Italian goods, a topic that is currently worrying breeders attending the Exhibition. “Two pillars of the milk production chain are involved, such as Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano. Therefore, we have asked the European Union for appropriate compensations, stocks and promotional actions useful to protect our products from the aggression of fake products – explained the Minister -. Parmesan will never enter the European market and we must tell American citizens that when they buy Parmesan, they are choosing a fake product. Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano are the authentic products. We need to safeguard our excellent productions and during the last European Council, we got an important feedback in this sense. However, all this needs to be turned soon into real actions in order to support all the enterprises that can not pay such a high price for a situation they are not responsible for. The ministry I am honored to head and I are strongly committed to this cause and I do believe that by working together we will achieve important results”.

Sustainability, efficiency and innovation have been center stage in 2019 edition, with meetings, workshops and conferences organized by Confagricoltura and Coldiretti Trade Associations. Furthermore, the most innovative products and services (among the several new items presented during the Exhibition) have been awarded with the Targa Beltrami Award, given every year to companies and professionals standing out for excellent results in terms of innovation, research and smart solutions for agro-livestock. Winner of this year’s Targa Beltrami are Delaval (for an innovative milking system) and Hetwin Automation System (for a more efficient feeding system).

This edition has also been very much focused on professional training, a key aspect to face future challenges. In particular, during the Round Table dedicated to professional training a remarkable figure was mentioned: “ Companies of the agrifood industry need about 280 thousand operators in the near future – explained professor Sebastiano Porretta, president of the Italian Association of Food Technologists, while commenting on a figure by FederAlimentare -. This is the balance resulting from the number of retirements and the number of graduates. Companies have a strong need of these professional figures. Despite considerable investments in 4.0 Industry and modern equipment, a large number of human resources is needed. 280 thousand professionals are missing all along the agrifood production chain”. So the agrifood industry confirms itself as a very important sector for young people looking for a job. Furthermore, unlike what many people may think, jobs in this field are also well paid. A farm manager, for example, a very specialized and very demanded figure, can earn also more than 3,000 euros net per month.

In comparison to the previous year, this edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions has seen an increase of 15% in heads of cattle and has confirmed its international scope. In fact, the Exhibition was attended by 26 official delegations and professionals from 45 countries. Among other institutional representatives visiting the Show: the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea, the Ambassador of Nigeria and Kenya Secretary State for Livestock.

Next edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions will be enriched by a new prestigious appointment called “Cremona Agrinnovation”: an area specially dedicated to the meeting of demand and supply for the agritech and smart land sectors.