Results of Holstein National Competitions 2019

Cremona, October 26th 2019 – WYNDFORD ATWOOD GREY 90 ET Cross ATWOOD X JAMES X INDRO of ERRERA HOLSTEINS (MN)=AGRIBER is the champion of the National Holstein Competitions 2019 taking place within Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions. Reserve Champion is DU BON VENT INKAPI Cross BRAWLER X KNOWLEDGE X DOLMAN of ALLEV.BELTRAMINO S.S. (TO)=BAG2=ALL.NURE=L.BACH=L.SARRERI. Honour mention went to ACME ELSA Cross ACME X COLBY X ALLEN di FRANZETTI F.LLI (VA)=IL CASTAGNO=AL.BE.RO.=CASTELGOLASO.

Every year, the National Holstein and Jersey Breeders Association ANAFIJ organizes within Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions the most important dairy cattle genetics for Holstein Breed. Competitions took place on every Exhibition day and involved heads of cattle from the best Italian livestock famrs.