Tehcnological Innovation for the agro-livestock sector is the true protagonist of the Targa Beltrami Award given during Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions. The Targa Beltrami Award is the prize given every year to companies and sector professionals standing out for a particular engagement or for achieved results in terms of innovation, research and technological solution for livestock farming and agriculture. The Targa Beltrami Award is promoted by CremonaFiere and the Comizio Agrario di Cremona – Ente Eredità Girolamo Beltrami.

Winner of the category Precision Livestock Farming is the company DELAVAL for DELAVAL EVANZA milking cluster. It is the first milking cluster in the world with a cartridge, an innovation with several benefits for animal productivity and health. Thanks to this device, milking performances are improved and maintenance needs are limited. Cartridges are also 100% recyclable.
The award was collected by Martino Lorusso, Market Solution Manager CM-MS-EHS-FSY Italy.

Second place of the category Precision Livestock Farming is for the company HETWIN AUTOMATION SYSTEM (Austria) for AFS – Aranom MiX e AFS – Aranom Cut & MiX . The auto-drive feeding robot, available in two versions ARANOM MIX and ARANOM CUT & MIX, is battery-powered and drives through the barn without need of a rail system. The robot, which owns bottom-chassis drive, follows the programmed route by means of small reference magnets placed just under the floor surface. Eliminating rails saves costs and makes installation much easier, especially on large farms. The feeding robot leads to a significant improvement in quality and conditions of feeding operators’ work and enables a greater efficiency of herd management.
The award was collected by Josef Hetzenauer, owner of Hetwin Automation.

Special mention for the category Precision Livestock Farming goes to the company OZOLEA for OZOLEA – LACTES, feed supplement of the latest generation, aiming at limiting antibiotics resistance in dairy cattle farms. This product is both financially and environmentally sustainable. The award was collected by Andrea Bignotti, vice president of OZOLEA.

Special mention for the category Agriculture goes to the company DEATECH srl for AGRISALUS, a project combining livestock and agricultural production with the aim of improving production efficiency of quality food products while lowering environmental print. With the active involvement of breeders who decided to produce and preserve high quality raw materials, data from sample farms have been collected thus showing that Agrisalus had implemented production quantity and quality. Also, an app has been especially developed to monitor crops and to check crops health. The award was collected by Alessandro Caputo, Project Manager AgriSalus.

Special mention for the category Precision Livestock Farming goes to the company Legur srl for ZOOAPP. ZooApp is a mobile solution developed by Legur, a start-up focusing on digital solutions for the agrifood sector. This app is conceived to support whey collection from dairies, thus improving logistical operations and a faster and easier information flow. This solution is appropriate for all protagonists of food production chains. The award was collected by Maria Pavesi, member of Legur srl.