2019 edition is on

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, the only international Exhibition on Livestock in Italy and a renowned point of reference for the whole sector, has opened its doors this morning.

The 74th edition started with the worries of the recently announced American tariffs on Made in Italy products. “The fact that this exhibition is now at its 74th edition shows that it is a fundamental event for the sector. Equally important are all its different focuses, such as innovation and technology – explained Giuseppe L’Abbate, state secretary for agriculture and forestry -. We are about to face great challenges, such as the American tariffs on Made in Italy key productions, like Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano. During last European Agrifish Council, we strongly asked to discuss this topic and got a good feedback from Phil Ogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture, in terms of promotion in third countries. Together with the commission, we are considering the possibility of national compensation activities. With the ministry, we are working hard to protect in the best way possible our excellent productions”.

The Exhibition, going on until October 26th at Cremona Exhibition Centre, gathers 700 among the best international brands of the sector and is the ideal place for all the players of agro-livestock to meet each other, exchange ideas and know-how, discover the latest innovations and develop strategies to be competitive at international level while relaunching the high-quality of Italian productions. Research and training centres are also on board. “Cremona, the region Lombardy and the Po Valley are the heart of livestock farming. Here, you can find the highest quality productions – explained Fabio Rolfi, Regional Councillor for Agriculture -. We have to explain to all consumers the great developments achieved in the agro-livestock sector, also to safeguard breeders from the damages caused by fake news”.

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are at the heart of the most important agro-livestock system in Europe, producing 23% of Italian dairy cattle and 44% of Italian milk, whose agroindustrial productivity has achieved the value of 12.3 billion euros (13% of the national total). “Turning point of this year is the renewed participation of the Trade Association Coldiretti, other key player in Cremona, and this bodes well for the future – explained Roberto Zanchi, president of CremonaFiere -. This Exhibition is innovation-oriented. In fact, this year we will present the Cremona Agrinnovation, a project that will be carried out next year and that we develop in cooperation with professional institutes and companies”.

This exhibition is extremely important and is the pillar of the Cremonese Exhibition system, in a territory that is working hard to relaunch the agro-livestock sector – said Gianluca Galimberti, mayor of Cremona-. The network of research centres, universities, agrifood and agro-livestock companies is a great example. This Exhibition is a fortune for the whole region and for our Country”.