Organic production, sustainability and animal welfare. In Cremona we talk about it!

Over the last few years Italy has registered a double-digit growth in sales of organic products and consumers have shown a higher attention for circular economy, environmental sustainability and animal welfare affect consumers choice. Come to meet your new Italian customers and partners!

Preview of technical-scientific events on:



  • Workshop | The challenge of organic farming for sustainable livestock after 2020 CAP
  • Workshop | FILBIO project | Project presentation on organic agriculture and cooperation
  • Workshop | Milking Systems: The Information Potential of Digital Technologies
  • Workshop | Reducing inorganic waste under the dairy supply chain | The Reinwaste european project strategies
  • Rounde Table | Poultry towards tomorrow
  • Workshop | Quantitative and qualitative measures for biomethane production
  • Workshop | Emissions Reduction and Savings in Animal Waste Management: Comparison of Techniques
  • Workshop | “Montagna in movimento” Project Mountain dairy livestock to the future
  • Convention | Farm veterinarian: a plus of the dairy industry
  • IPF – International Poultry Forum | New tools for quality of poultry production
  • Workshop | Milking Systems: The Information Potential of Digital Technologies
  • Workshop | Rapid testing solutions for the detection of dairy contaminants
  • Workshop | Silage and Milk Quality
  • Workshop | Mixer Feeder Wagons and Precision Feeding – New control opportunities from new technologies
  • Presentation | Agri Plastic: best solutions for calf breeding
  • Workshop | The animal TYPE makes the difference. A change of paradigm is needed. The dual-purpose is functional to the dairy cattle breedin
  • Convention | Contrasting the cow antibiotic resilience
  • Workshop | Bovine Health and Fertility: Tools to Optimise Reproductive Performance
  • Presentation | Kuhvision: german genomics for more healthy and long-lived haifers
  • Workshop | BMR the corn silage the cows like
  • Workshop | Via Lattea 4.0. Products and services IioT for vehicle telemetry for milk collecting
  • Seminar | The importance of drinking water for dairy cattle
  • Seminar | Drugs management in swine breeding and the antibiotic resilience
  • Workshop | Mixer Feeder Wagons and Precision Feeding The importance of data management
  • Workshop| Mastitis in dairy heifers: old therapies and new perspectives. Experiences using Platelet Lysate
  • Workshop | LaStaBen: Good Stalls Increase Milk Production
  • Workshop | Farm Led: LED lighting system for dairy farm