Two breeders explain why you can’t miss Cremona International Livestoc Exhibitions

“Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are a successful event. In particular, sector meetings and conferences taking place on Exhibition days are very interesting. They are mainly devoted to innovation and are precious opportunities, for us, to gather information and technological knowhow to be implemented in our livestock farms. What we also appreciate very much is the fact that here in Cremona we can meet many colleagues and professionals of the sector and so we can exchange opinions and experiences”. Daniele Pedrotti (Società Agricola Pedrotti, Reggio Emilia)

“My brothers and I are running a livestock farm earlier owned by my grandfather. We are now at the 4th generation and I grew up in this environment. Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are “The” Exhibition for dairy cattle. Without Cremona, dairy cattle will not have a dedicated Exhibition. My brother has been preparing animal of breeders attending the National Holstein Competition over the last ten years. I have another role within our business, so I attend Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions to discover the latest news and to experience innovation. There are very important professional meetings and technical seminars during Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions”.  Giulio Collecchia (Torrebiancalleva, Foggia)