Pig Production October Events

The favourable combination of lower foodstuff costs and higher product prices has caused an increase in the sector profitability (figures Crefis 9/2018). Slaughter pigs market has registered stable trends for producers, while processing industry has achieved different results with a greater attention for the profitability increase of non protected productions instead of PDO productions.

According to Ismea figures, the EU market confirms this positive trend: production will increase by 5.2% in the next 10 years and consumption will register a 8.6% growth. In Italy, the agricultural stage of the sector is worth 3 billion euros while the cured meat industry has a turnover of 8 billions. Come to meet Italian professionals of pig production, from farmers to dealers!

Preview of technical-scientific events on


23 October | 2:30 am
Seminar | Qualiservices
Where: Sala Monteverdi
Organization: AITA – Italian Association of Food Technology in partnership with CremonaFiere

24 October | 10:00 am
General State of Pig Farming | The new profile of italian pig breeder: from producing to managing | Relaunching the PDO production by the vision of supply chain
Where: Area Forum
Organization: CremonaFiere

24 October | 10:00 am
CUN Suini (National Single Commission for the pig sector) Meeting
Where: CremonaFiere Offices
Organization: Italian Online Commodities Exchange and Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies in partnership with CremonaFiere

25 October | 10:00 am
Seminar | Meat.itWhere: Sala GuarneriOrganization: AITA – Italian Association of Food Technology in partnership with CremonaFiere

25 October | 10:00 am
Workshop | Swiss genetics: an alternative for the future
Where: Area Forum
Organization: Suisag
25 October | 2:00 pm
Convention | Piglet neonatal enteritis: from farm to laboratoryWhere: Sala Zelioli Lanzini
Organization: SIVAR Società Italiana Veterinari per Animali da Reddito (Italian Society of Farm Animals Veterinary Practitioners)25 October | 2.30 pm
Seminar | Drugs management in swine breeding and the antibiotic resilience
Dove: Area Forum
Organization: Cremonafiere in collaboration with IZSLER Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna