Day 3 – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26th


Farm sustainability cannot exist without economic sustainability.

9.45 am, Milk Village

The #2050challenge has highlighted how the model in which sustainability has always been seen in contraposition to intensive farming needs to be completed reevaluated.

The reality is that, with the increasing world population and the necessity to increase available food resources, sustainability is impossible to achieve with agriculture that is not intensive and environmental and social sustainability of a farm is inevitably dependent on its sustainability on an economic level.

SOP srl, with more than fifteen years of study, research and presence in the field, has created a line of products that help the farmer to optimize the available resources, in order to give results within the barn environment, on animal wellbeing, effluent management and forage cultivation.

In order to do this, all the processes activated by using the SOP products for Farms and Agriculture, work on the theory of “adding less to obtain more”, which makes it possible to unite the three aspects on which true sustainability must be based: economic, environmental and social sustainability

Organization: SOP S.r.l. Save Our Planet

Rounde Table

CETA, Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

Is it a threat or an opportunity?

The italian food quality chain between fear and new business

9.45 am – Stradivari Conference Room

Organization: CremonaFiere

National Seminar

Public health updates (AIVEMP)

10 am, Zelioli Lanzini Conference Room

Organization: AIVEMP – Italian Association of Veterinarians of Public Medicine

Seminar – Welfare cold cuts

10 am, Amati Conference Room

The new category of welfare cold cuts has been registering a remarkable growth rate over last year, for a total worth of 157 million euros and a total of 7.7 kilos of sold products. Genetics, animal nu- trition, breeding techniques and processing give an important contribution in shaping the ideal conditions to produce high-quality cold cuts that can meet the needs of modern consumers.

Organization: AITA Italian Food Technology Association in cooperation with CremonaFiere


Microalgae: an opportunity also for livestock breeding? 10 am, Guarneri del Gesù Conference Room

Main topics

  • Introduction on microalgae and their cultivation
  • Microalgae in the management of dairy by-products and livestock manure
  • Interesting molecules for the cultivation of microalgae

Organization: CREA Research centre for Livestock and Aquaculture in cooperation with CremonaFiere


The biomethane opportunities

10.00 am. BioEnergy Village

Organization: Bright Biomethane


The benefits of GreenTech EC Technology

10.00 am, Area Forum

ebm-papst, worldwide innovation leader in fans and motors with headquarters in Germany and 57 subsidiaries all over the world, is launching its high-efficient EC technology fans (with electronic commutation and integrated inverter) for livestock and agricultural equipment. The EC technology is represented by the symbol GreenTech, which accompanies our company brand and stands for the green philosophy that characterizes our company starting from the production process. EC technology not only means energy saving, but also long service life which both turn into a concrete improvement of livestock life quality and welfare, in addition to an increase of productivity.

Organization: ebmpapst srl

Rounde Table

Investing in agriculture and in agri- Innovation: the new challenges in Agriculture 4.0

10.00 am, Stradivari Room

Organization: For.Agri Fondo Paritetico nazionale interprofessionale per la formazione continua in agricoltura.

Startup Smart Agrifood

10.00 am – Area Start Up. Pav. 2

A day dedicated to italian agrifood start ups. The appointment is a smart format to allow to know the ecosystem of italian and european agrifood tech startups and to know their potential directly from their founders: the exhibitors of this area will play a starring role thanks a interaction with professionals and stakeholders, like Breeders, Agrotech Companies, R&D Centers and Venture Capital Companies.

Organization: CremonaFiere in collaboration with Osservatorio Smart AgriFood (Politecnico di Milano e Università degli Studi di Brescia)

DeLaval: new technologies for dairy farm

10.30 am, Milk Village

DeLaval is a worldwide leader in milking equipment and solutions for dairy farmers, with 135 years of history, which make sustainable food production possible, warranting milk quality and animal health. Research and developments are the key point for DeLaval, especially focus on the animal welfare, food safety and improving farmer life. Recently DeLaval launch new three technologies: the new robotic milking DeLaval VMS V300, the new feeding pusher DeLaval OptiDuo and the new DeLaval App, DelPro Companion the user friendly management of the herd. During the Cremona exhibition, in the Milk Village, DeLaval will present the newness on the Italian market.

Organization: DeLaval


Antibiotic free” certified pig meat

11.15 am, Area Forum

The conference will present “Antibiotic Free” certified products that ensure a reduced use of antibiotics for pigs born and bred in Italy.

Organization: CRPA, Reggio Emilia


New project strategies for organic farming

11.15 am, Bio Village

Organic productions are registering a significant increase that is inevitably affecting also livestock farming. Investments and sustainability are key elements that will be the focus of new strategies for organic productions for the livestock sector.



Quaderno di Campagna”: the basic control system, data collecting, safety and sustainable agriculture enhancing

11:30 am , Techno Village

The topics are:

  • Control

  • Data collecting

  • Safety sustainable agriculture enhancing

Organization: Image Line


Dairy Cattle biodiversity and enhancement of milk from native breeds.

11.45 am, Milk Village

On farm milk processing is a precious opportunity to safeguard native breeds. The seminar will present the results on the qualification of cheese (other than Parmigiano Reggiano) produced through on-farm processing of milk from Modenese, Ottonese, Garfagnina, Reggiana, Pontremolese cow breeds.

Organization: CRPA, Reggio Emilia


Simplicity and technology. Using a dosing pump

12.30 pm, Bio Village

Organization: FIAP spa


The biomethane trading

2.00 pm, Bioenergy Village

Upgrading, quality control, transport and new business partners for biomethane will be the focus of a meeting with some of the industry experts able to outline the prospects of a new business for the agro-zootechnical sector.

Organization: CremonaFiere and Agroenergie


Agriculture 4.0, technologies, figures and perspective for the profitability of agro-livestock enterprises

2:00 pm, Monteverdi Conference Room

The Round Table Agriculture 4.0 of the Smart AgriFood Observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan will come together to outline the guidelines for the development of innovative solutions for interconnected agriculture that will result in costs reduction and / or profit increase for Italian farmers. The seminar is open to Farmers only. Registration is needed. Registrations:

Organization: Smart AgriFood Observatory – Polytechnic University of Milan and University of Brescia


Market trends for the european farmer: updating and debate on dairy market trend and information tools.

2.00 pm, Milk Village

Organization: CLAL

National Seminar

Latest developments of pig breeding

2.30 pm, Zelioli Lanzini Conference Room

Organization: Sivar (Italian Society of farm animal vets)


Precision Farming for the production of high-quality silage maize: results of the first MENTAL project year

2.30 pm, Amati Room

Main topics:

  • Mapping chemical and physical soil elements through geoelecrtic methods: Case-Study of Lodi, Case-Study of Treviglio
  • Definition of an algorithm for nitrogen site-specific management and for manure and / or digestate spreading. Integration of mapped figures and production of prescription maps.
  • Machinery and on-board sensor for precision farming
  • Drone and satellite monitoring of crops vigour and calibration of spectral responses: Case- Study of Lodi and Case-Study of Treviglio
  • Fertilisation management
  • Biological fight to cornborer through drone spreading of parasitoids: 3 years of experience

Organization: CREA Research centre for Livestock and Aquaculture in cooperation with CremonaFiere


Cattle houses and animal welfare

2.30 pm, Guarneri del Gesù Conference Room

Organization: Anga Cremona in collaboration with CremonaFiere


First focus on new European regulations on organic agriculture in force from 2021

3.15 pm, Bio Village

The European Parliament has approved the new European regulation on organic agriculture that will enter in force from 2021, thus replacing the current regulatory framework in force since 2007. According to new regulations, controls on producers will be carried out every year and could become biennial if no frauds are registered for 3 years in a row. To reduce costs, small entrepreneurs could obtain group certifications. As to import from non – EU countries, the principle of equivalence currently applied, that means that similar standards need to be respected, will be replaced by the need for export companies to comply with EU regulations.

The workshop offers both breeders and farmers the opportunity to take stock on operational and technical perspectives for organic productions.



SmartBow by Zoetis: a new tool to manage health, feed and fertility at high production dairy cattle farm

3:30 pm, Milk Village

Organization: Zoetis Italia


Monitoring corn silage from field to cattle mouth

4.15 pm, Milk Village

Main topics:

  • Smart farming corn silage production for dairy cattle
  • Precision breedingtoenhance the importanceof corn silage in dairy cattle nutrition

Organization: CREA Research centre for Livestock and Aquaculture in cooperation with Cremo- naFiere


New tax regulations for the agro-livestock sector

4.30 pm, Area Forum

2018 Budget Law and new tax regulations for agriculture will be some of the topics addressed by

Giampaolo Tosoni, tax adviser and publicist of the Publishing Group “Il Sole 24 Ore”.

Organization: CremonaFiere