Day 2 – Thursday, October 25th


Humans and Animals – One Health

The responsible use of veterinary medicines: the AISA challenge

9.30 am – Guarneri del Gesù Conference Room


  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Responsible use of veterinary medicines
  • Human-animal relationships

Intervention: Arianna Bolla, President of Aisa and representatives of Confindustria, Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Ministero della Salute, Sivar, Medicina Veterinaria Pubblica and Largo Consumo

Organization: AISA, the Italian association of animal health enterprises

States General of Swine Husbandry

Feed, Quality & Trade

The Italians pig breeders to take care of PDO

10 am, Area Forum

An event especially dedicated to the whole Italian pig sector involving all the players of the sector: breeders, feed producers, processing operators, distributors and consumers with the aim of taking stock of market trends and new strategies to face unfair international competition.

Organization: CremonaFiere

Fourth national dairy conference 10 am, Milk Village

Technical conference offering a multidisciplinary overview on the state of the art of the dairy sector, to discuss the new regulation on origin declaration and to present the new quality indicators. The major experts of the sector come together to open a professional dialogue on the latest trends and developments, such as new solutions for product traceability.

Organization: AITA Italian Food Technology Association in cooperation with CremonaFiere

Rounde Table

Agrinnovation and the future of food chain:

New opportunities for a quality production

10.00 am, Monteverdi Conference Room

Innovation and product development are extremely important for the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises. In the agrifood sector, high-quality productions, economic and

environmental sustainability are strictly connected to innovation intended as concrete solutions in terms of efficiency, quality and traceability, thus contributing to the development of high-quality production models. Representatives of European Bodies and Italian Institutions will debate about these topics together with impoartant players of food chaine.


  • Greetings

  • Introduction to the scenarios

  • Esperienze internazionali

    • Martin Scholten, General Director of the Wageningen UR Animal Sciences Group

Challenges for innovations with new economic perspectives for the Dairy sector in the next decade

    • Karina Pierce, Associate Professor of Dairy Production – School of Agriculture and Food Science University College Dublin

Il follows a roubde table with the participation of representative of CREA, CRPA,

Organization : CremonaFiere


Dosing pump to win the antibiotic resistance. Precision and reliability of a Made in Italy product

10.00 am, Bio Village

Organization: FIAP spa


Consumer friendly information to better read and understand labels of dairy products.

10.45 am, Amati Room

During the seminar will be focused the difficulties of consumers in reading the labels of dairy products as well as the nutritional facts. Some explanations will be provided enhancing also the dietary point of view.


  • Consumers and labels: how about their relationship?

Giorgio Baldini, Esselunga

  • How to properly read ingredients and nutritional details of dairy products

Giovanna Contarini e Milena Povolo, CREA-ZA

  • Food labeling regulations: a precious help for a balanced diet

Paolo Simonetti, Università di Milano

  • Consumers’ experience: audience contributions starting from examples offered by the speakers

Organization: CREA Research centre for Livestock and Aquaculture in cooperation with CremonaFiere


Turning dairy farms into organic livestock farms

11.15 am, Bio Village

Demand for organic productions is increasing more and more. Market studies show that milk, dairy products, yoghurt and cheese are among the most demanded organic products by consumers looking for high-quality and environmental sustainability.

This situation, combined with the unsatisfaction coming from prices of conventional markets, is attracting more and more breeders towars organic productions thus representing an important opportunity that requires a good degree of information and support.

Organization: AIAB – Italian Association for Organic Agriculture and FIRAB – Italian Foundation for Research in Organic and Biodynamic

Meeting of CUN Suini (National Single Commission for the pig sector) 12 pm, private meeting

The presence of the National Single Commission for the Pig sector, responsible for the definition of market trends and prices, confirms that Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are a reference point for the pig sector as well. This important event will attract to the Exhibition all the protagonists of one of the leading sectors of the national agrifood industry.


Agricolture biogas: the plants conversion

12.30 pm, Bioenergy Village

The biogas plants forecast in the medium term will be the focus of the meeting: from the expiry of the current incentive system and the market competition adopting conversion technologies to improving the economic sustainability of renewable energies. Presented some more innovative solutions and practices useful for the competitive improvement of the biogas / biomethane chain.

Organization: CremonaFiere and Agroenergie


Precision feeding and business management 2 pm, Amati Conference Room

Main topics:

  • Food variability and the importance of real time adjustments.
  • The importance of reporting systems from feed preparation to performance analysis
  • Economic remarks for an efficient enhancement of precision feeding techniques

Organization: CREA Research centre for Livestock and Aquaculture in cooperation with CremonaFiere


The Smart Farm Technology tracks the behavior of cows

2.15 pm, Milk Village

Organization: M.D.M (Albignano)


A different way about the nutritional efficiency

2.30 pm, Stradivari Conference Room


Giulio Cozzi, Università degli Studi di Padova Mauro Spanghero, Università di Udine Paolo Berzaghi, Università di Padova

David Mertens, Mertens Innovation & Research LLC – Madison, Wisconsin, (USA)

Organization: Nutristar


Quality aspects in the dairy sector – the experience of CREA-ZA Research Centre

2.30 pm, Guarneri del Gesù Conference Room

Main topics:

  • Shelf-life of milk: recent developments and new trends
  • Sugar in dairy products: focus on lactose
  • New product developments: hyposodic hard cheese
  • Plant-based alternatives to milk and cheese: pros and cons

Organization: CREA Research centre for Livestock and Aquaculture in cooperation with CremonaFiere


Manure and waste micro plants: a new rising opportunities and sustainability for farms

2.30 pm, Bioenergy Village

Organization: Biolectric Italia


Antibiotic resilience: food safety and product enhancing: towards a free veterinary pharmaceutical drugs

2:30 pm, Monteverdi Conference Room

Organization: Ozolea


INFIELD System for the management of farm 4.0.

2.30 pm, Techno Village

IN_FIELD is a precision agriculture proposal offered to the market by AMA; consisting of a weather-agri unit to be placed on the cultivated field and a data collection and management service. IN_FIELD monitors the main meteorological and soil humidity parameters, records them hourly, collects them and processes them. Thanks to algorithms and the development of forecast systems, the farmer returns a real DSS (Decision Support System). A web site solution is able to manage field, fleet of vehicles/equipment and the productive buildings of the farm. 

This system is highly flexible, scalable and completely open.

IN_FIELD a solution for agriculture 4.0 

Organization: AMA _ IN_FIELD


How to improve reproduction performances of sows and boars 3 pm, Area Forum

The seminar will focus on: boar management, production and conservation of fresh or frozen semen, sow management, artificial insemination, species selection and field experience.

Organization: CREA Research centre for Livestock and Aquaculture


New responsability for all players of food chain: the strategy of Granlatte cooperative 3:00 pm , Zelioli Lanzini Conference Room

Organization: GRANLATTE Società Cooperativa Agricola a r.l.


Reinforced concrete tanks with Wolf formwork for agriculture, industry and biogas plants: advantages and innovation go to the future,

3:45 pm, Milk Village

Organizzation: Wolf System srl


How could you face the farm problems? The answer is analyzing the data 4 pm, Milk Village

Organization: Tecnozoo srl


Livestock 4.0: how it’s going ? How to save on management costs and how to improve the productivity.

5:00 pm, Milk Village

Organizzation: Cynomys srl