National Seminar

Latest updates on buiatrics

  1. am, Stradivari Conference Room

Organization: Sivar (Italian Society of farm animal vets)

IPF – International Poultry Forum

New generation vaccines in poultry farming: current use and future perspectives. 10 am, Smart Agricolture Conference Room

A correct choice of vaccines and the definition of vaccination programs to prevent the occurrence of the most popular infectious diseases have always played a fundamental role in modern poultry farming. Their importance has been growing even more over the last few years, both due to a lower use of antibiotics and to the great development of research on new vaccines.

Time has come to properly analyze the advantages that vaccines developed through new technologies can offer to poultry farmers and to consider future perspectives.

The International Poultry Forum is one of the major international scientific appointments on poultry farming. Now at its 6th edition, it involves the participation of some of the most qualified experts worldwide who have been dealing with different aspects related to poultry farming: from veterinary issues to management procedures.


  • Overview on current use, research and future perspectives of new generation vaccines

Guillermo Zavala, Avian Health International LLC

  • Use of recombinant vaccines in the world: field experience

Linnea Newman, MSD Global Poultry Technical Director

  • Use of recombinant vaccines in Italy: field experience

Elisa Russo, MSD Technical Responsible Italy

  • Differentiating vaccinal strains from field strains: new lab perspectives

Jennifer Haneke, Anicon

Organization: CremonaFiere


How digital innovation can foster the competitiveness of the dairy sector 10 am, Monteverdi Conference Room

Technological and digital innovation is strategic to enhance competitiveness and sustainability of the dairy sector, that is particularly important for Italian economy.

The Round Table Dairy 4.0 of the Smart AgriFood Observatory will describe the opportunities offered by digital technologies to reduce the inefficiencies of single enterprises to favor the integration of the whole sector. To do so, results of 2018 Research and experience of involved players will be presented.

Organization: Smart AgriFood Observatory – Polytechinc University of Milan and University of Brescia


Humic acid in diets is a natural key to enhance and restore the animal health 10 am, Area Forum

Organization: UAB Life Force Baltic


Enhancing the milk in the context of the supply chain

10.00 am, Milk Village

Organization: Comune di Cremona, in collaboration with Unicatt, Smea, Politecnico, Crea, CremonaFiere, CCIAA, A2A Smart City, Crit

Presentation of the International Official Delegations and Country Presentations

10.30 am

Every year CremonaFiere organizes the Incoming Buyer Program to involve many delegations of qualified international professionals from the most interesting agro-livestock markets to offer new international business opportunities.

The presentation will be the opportunity to enter into direct contact with the delegations and to get useful information on the markets of their country of origin.

Organization: CremonaFiere in cooperation with ICE – Italian Trade Agency


Environmental sustainability: the key role of agriculture The project LIFE Forage4Climate.

  1. am, Sala Amati

The project is supported by the EU in the framework of the Programme “Life + Climate Change Mitigation (LIFE15 CCM/IT/000039) and carried out by CRPA with the universities of Milan and Turin as to dairy cows and the universities of Sassari and Athens for sheep and goats. The aim is that of showing how agricultural systems connected to milk production can contribute to Climate Change Mitigation. As to sustainability, best practices in agriculture and livestock breeding will be presented (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and enhancement of carbon stocks) with a particular focus on the organization of forage and precision animal nutrition systems.

Furthermore, the results of a broader mapping of agricultural enterprises will be described to present the carbon footprint of milk.

Organization: CRPA, Reggio Emilia


Digital livestock farming to monitor animal activity and rumination: from oestrus detection to animal welfare

2 pm, Milk Village

Main topics:

  • General overview on the devices offered by the market
  • The importance of data management in dairy cattle breeding
  • Analysis of information from animal welfare systems

Organization: CREA Research center for Livestock and Aquaculture in cooperation with CremonaFiere


Increasing efficiency as a response to farm sustainability 2 pm, Bioenergy Village

This triple presentation will demonstrate how efficiency is the parameter that offers any farm the opportunity to make better choices regarding its own sustainability: in the barn, in the field and in biogas systems.

  • Feed efficiency as a means to barn profitability (Mr. Gioacchino Quarta, animal nutritionist)
  • Plant efficiency: plant resistance and resilience capacity and the reduction of chemical fertilization (Mr. Roberto Pozzato, agronomist)
  • Biogas system efficiency: production optimization or the reduction of raw materials? (Mr.

Daniele Aspesi, engineer).

Organization: SOP S.r.l. – Save Our Planet

Qualyservices: new systems for quality certification

2.30 pm, Monteverdi Conference Room

In international trade, certifications are like a passport allowing owners not to undergo further compliance tests for their products. Producers are more and more committed to: respecting different life styles, supporting environmental sustainability with investments and special programs aimed at reducing their footprint, promoting animal health and respecting particular diets (vegetarian, free from, religious). Following the recent regulation on milk origin, certification is a strategic option for all the companies of the sectors.

Qualyservices involves every year technicians, certification bodies and professionals responsible of qualities control from the major agrifood industries in an open and high-level dialogue on one of the hottest topics of the food market.

Organization: AITA in cooperation with CremonaFiere

Round Table

Biocontrol and Mycorrhiza: welfare, sustainability and quality for italian corn.

An updating

2.30 pm Amati Conference Room

Organization: Libera Associazione Agricoltori and Crea


The benefits of GreenTech EC Technology

3.15 pm, Area Forum

ebm-papst, worldwide innovation leader in fans and motors with headquarters in Germany and 57 subsidiaries all over the world, is launching its high-efficient EC technology fans (with electronic commutation and integrated inverter) for livestock and agricultural equipment. The EC technology is represented by the symbol GreenTech, which accompanies our company brand and stands for the green philosophy that characterizes our company starting from the production process. EC technology not only means energy saving, but also long service life which both turn into a concrete improvement of livestock life quality and welfare, in addition to an increase of productivity.

Organization: ebmpapst srl


First results of the OK Net EcoFeed Project

3.15 pm, Bio Village

The European project OK Net EcoFeed deals with issues related to animal nutrition in organic monogastric livestock farms, such as poultry and pig breeding farms. Starting from scientific knowledge and available expertise on the production of organic feedstuff, the project aims at creating a network to favor information exchange among breeders, farmers, economic players and researchers in order to reach the objective of 100% organic and local animal feed use. Because of their proteins content, organic feed stuff are often imported, thus causing problems for organic farming sustainability and for consumers’ trust.

Organization: AIAB – Italian Association for Organic Agriculture and FIRAB – Italian Foundation for Research in Organic and Biodynamic


Alternatives for dairy cow bedding 4 pm, Milk Village

Presentation of the results of the study by operational groups Compost Barn and Lettiera Stabilizzata on an innovative, sustainable and alternative solution for dairy cow bedding.

Organization: CRPA, Reggio Emilia


Canceling energy consumption from farm manure. A saving and sustainable choise.

5.15 pm, Milk Village

Organization: Biolectric Italia