Enne Effe Boumatic: Innovation In Livestock Breeding At Your Fingertips

Enne Effe BouMatic is ready to present at Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions a new range of systems for livestock management capable to innovate livestock farms in a step-by-step and integrative way. Sometimes, breeders are very hesitant as to investments for innovation since they are afraid of the need of designing from the ground up their livestock farms and structures. So, Enne Effe BouMatic has developed a new series of products able to grant improvements as to efficiency, reliability and quality of animal welfare but without the need of radical changes. We talked about that with Andrea Filippini.

What are the new systems you’ll be presenting in Cremona? And why are they so interesting?

We will present an automatic system dedicated to automation of post-milking steps: teat and milking machine disinfection. The system enables such an automation without replacing the structure but just adding technology. It is really easy to understand its convenience since it can be applied to existing plants. It is simple and not binding”.


There are also other news…

The SmartWay is back, and for the market this is a real novelty, but among other absolutely new products there will also be the Feedpusher Ranger 2, that will be presented for the first time in Cremona: this is an automatic system to put feed close to animals. It is a new model with many more functions in comparison to the first Ranger. As to BouMatic Robotics we will present SR2, the first example of applied robotics for the milking systems with operators. We have a modular approach: you don’t need to purchase the whole package, it can be installed on existing structures. This is an absolute preview.

How about the “classic” range of your products?

We do have novelties in this sector as well, such as the evolution of classic robot line, that is to say the MRS2 that involves many innovations, such as: a new software and a new system for livestock monitoring and for milk quality controls”.

So we are talking about management, process efficiency, quality and control, animal health: what is your approach in offering such technologies?

We work to provide customers both with technology and knowledge of the product quality. In a global panorama, what really makes the difference in Italy is quality. Quality is not to be found by chance, quality can be reached only if certain procedures are applied. That’s why we need to work in a different way with specific technologies and working protocols that help breeders improve product quality and production procedures. We also offer training since we really want to provide new systems that can be used at their best. This is why we think that training and technical support are so important.