CYNOMIS: livestock breeding in your pocket with Plinio

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions 2018 will focus on technology in livestock breeding. Cynomys is a start-up that was founded last year. Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions will be the occasion to present Plinio, an innovative remote monitoring system for livestock breeding. This is an efficient and safe system to control animal health, to prevent possibile dangers and measure over 20 benchmarks for livestock breeding and respect animal welfare. Everything is quickly accessible with a click on your smartphone, tablet or pc.

Plinio is an IoT solution for environmental control for every type of livestock breeding. “The service – explain Cynomys staff – consists of an hardware that is easy to install (with a plug and play system already set on customers’ needs and customized sensors) and a safe in cloud software. If threshold values are exceeded, users get alerts both via mail or through push notifications from the app. Everything occurs in real time so that breeders can take actions immediately.

On of Plinio’s highlights is the integration capability with automation systems such as fans, lights and heating, webcam and so on. Data collected through Plinio are both numbers and graphics that can be exported as different types of reports.

Being at Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions is a cumpolsory choice: we can’t miss this appointment. Our love was born even before becoming Exhibitors. We visited last edition and immediately understood this was a not-to-be missed appointment”.