ICC will join Cremona International Livesotck Exhibitions

Founded in 1992, ICC was born with roots in yeast additives development. Over the years, ICC became a leading innovative biotechnology company with a strong dedication to solutions aiming at animal performance, health foundation and food safety.

“Our technologies and support programs enable customers to realize greater efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of their business – Aline Almeida, ICC Marketing Coordinator, says -. Our uniquely sourced and processed yeast additives add VALUE to the feed industry as no other additive does”.

Functional fiber constituted by MOS and ß-glucans. ImmunoWall® promotes balance and integrity in gut microflora due to its efficiency to agglutinate pathogenic bacteria as Salmonella ssp and E. coli. ImmunoWall® also activates the immune system preventing general pathogen challenges present in the field.

Source of free nucleotides, the ideal form of absorption. Hilyses® supports the early development of young animals and the efficiency of breeders, improving the feed conversion and overall productivity.

Yeast culture with the highest concentration of yeast metabolites, β-glucans and MOS. It stimulates the cellulolytic bacteria activity boosting the rumen’s microflora condition. RumenYeast® improves feed intake, milk yield and the cattle’s general health and welfare.

Inactive dried yeast from sugar cane molasses fermentation. In addition to high palatability, StarYeast® present excellent nutritional profile, with a high concentration of vitamins of B complex.

“This will be ICC’s first time at Cremona International Livestock Exhibition. We choose to attend this event with the aim of strengthening business with the local market and to possibly open new accounts. Besides, it is a great opportunity to meet our current European customers”.