Padania Acque S.p.A. and Aqua Publica Europea at Watec Italy 2018

Padania Acque and Aqua Publica Europea (APE), the European Association for public water operators with 62 members providing water to over 70 milion citizens everyday, will attend Watec Italy 2018.

From October 24th to 27th, Cremona will become the European water capital thanks to the Exhibition and Conference organized by Kenes Exhibitions in cooperation with CremonaFiere within Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions.

On Friday, October 26th, Padania Acque and Aqua Publica Europea (APE) will hold an importante conference with the involvement of representatives of associated companies and a speech by Michel Dantin, member of the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy, to outline the new European directive on drinking water that is about to be issued.

“The event well confirms the active role played by Padania Acque in this project” – explains Claudio Bodini, Head of Padania Acque. “ it will be an important moment for European players to exchange ideas and experience in terms of water monitoring, types of analysis and communication to citizens. Tap water consumption and the fight to pollution by plastic is one of the key topics that is arising greater public awareness”.

Watec Italy 2018 will be a 4 day-appintment with seminars, conferences and B2B meetings to talk about the future of water. Watec Italy will deal with: sustainable agriculture and correct water management (irrigation, crop management, minimal tillage, development of less water demanding crops), water management in livestock breeding and management of waste water and manure, problems of water use in dairies, slaughters and tanning industry, water distribution: transport, storage and water quality, water treatment for chemical contaminants reduction.

Being at Watec Italy 2018 is the first step for a self-examination as citizens, consumers, entrepreneurs and decision makers.