Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions mark the recovery of italian agro-livestock

Clear signs of recovery at Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions: the 72nd edition was characterized by the renewed enthusiasm of the sector after the difficulties of past years. Growing business exchanges and contacts do confirm the growing trend of the sector.

Martin Scholten (Wageningen University & Research): “The right place to deliver new business opportunities”. Maurizio Martina, Italian Minister of Agriculture: “Here, we can see the evolution of the whole sector”

Cremona, October 28th 2017 – The 72nd edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, a four day – event dedicated to the best of international agro-livestock, finished today at Cremona Exhibition Centre, the true capital city of the livestock sector hosting over 800 brands from all over the world. Here, the professionals of the sector have met to discuss and analyse current trends, establish new business relations and talk about the future of the sector. Great satisfaction for all the exhibitors that remarked a general increase of business exchanges and contacts.

As to facts and figures, there were international delegations from 16 countries (Argentina, Romania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, India, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Morocco) and 53 market innovations (products and services) presented on the occasion of the show.

The exhibition repertoire was accompanied by 111 events – many of them organized in cooperation with some of the major Italian research centres, such as CREA (Research centre for livestock farming and aquaculture) that plays a fundamental role for the sector. This edition confirms Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions as the only reference point for the livestock world.

In CremonaFiere the image of a recovering sector emerged, supported by the excellent results achieved by Made in Italy productions, from animal feed up to processing. Suffice it to think about the figures of the Italian dairy sector: +7.3% as to export volume and +9.4% as to export value in the first semester of 2017. A changing trend confirmed also by the great presence of young professionals, both as exhibitors and as visitors.

We are reaping the benefits of all the initiatives and efforts set forth by CremonaFiere: from the internationalization up to co-marketing actions developed together with exhibitors – says Antonio Piva president of CremonaFiere -. This is the result of our choice of a proactive, immediate and pragmatic approach. Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions dedicated a relevant part of their technical and scientific agenda to smart agrifood, digital innovation in precision breeding, and circular economy as driver of the economic development based on the valorization of waste”.

The scope of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions is inevitably wider and international, as shown by the significant present of international professionals, both visitors and exhibitors (+15%). This is the result of the international engagement of CremonaFiere acknowledged and praised by the reference market. A picture that – as underlined by Maurizio Martina, Italian Minister of Agricultural Policies, who visited the Exhibition on Wednesday – has also addressed the several outstanding issues of the sector, thus transforming the Exhibition Centre in the ideal place to exchange ideas and deeply analyse technical issues. “We are here at Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions – said the Minister – because it is important to monitor the evolution of the whole sector. This attention for technological innovation and for digital agriculture is really positive”. Martin Scholten, managing director of the Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen University & Research of the Netherlands, one of the major research centre worldwide said: “CremonaFiere really is the right place to deliver new business opportunities”. And right with the Wageningen University and Research, CremonaFiere started to lay the foundations for a close cooperation for next year’s edition.

Also for this edition, CremonaFiere could rely on many excellent partners such as Legambiente, CREA Research Center for Livestock farming and Aquaculture, SmartAgrifood Observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan and AIVEMP, AITA, ANAFI, ASSALZOO, Chimica Verde Bionet, CIB, Legambiente, SIVAR.