Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions: CremonaFiere and Wageningen University & Research have laid the foundations for a close cooperation in the near future

CremonaFiere and the Dutch Research Center (that will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year) get the idea of a technical-scientific “dream team” for 2018 edition. In Cremona, together with international and above all Italian companies, to present the latest technologies of the sector.

The 72nd edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions closed with the new project of a strategic agreement between CremonaFiere and Wageningen University & Research, Dutch research center acknowledged as one of the major worldwide as to the agro-livestock sector. In 2018, Wageningen will celebrate 100 years of activities as author of discoveries and innovations being part of the scientific heritage of the agrifood sector in over 100 countries worldwide. On the occasion of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions 2018 Wagening University & Research will be in Cremona to take stock of current and future trends of the agro-livestock sector on the basis of the latest technological developments.

This will be a scientific and commercial cooperation also open to other Italian research centers, such as the CREA – Research Center for Livestock farming and Aquaculture – and other qualified universities and research innovations, as wished by Martin Scholten, general director of the department of Animal Sciences of the prestigious research center awarded at 2017 edition with the Targa Beltrami Award for innovation. A special event is being developed for next year, in which CremonaFiere, Wageningen and all the partners who will join the project will present the most advanced technologies of the sector together with international and, in particular, Italian companies. To this extent, CremonaFiere has committed itself to the promotion of the Italian production system and the deep technological know-how of Italian livestock farming. Of course, the project will have a special focus on Italian raw materials production for typical made in Italy products. The cooperation between Italian and Dutch research centers, in addition to the close relation to the market represented by Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, is strategically important for all the involved players.

The Mission of Wageningen University & Research – born from the merger of the University and top research center – is that of “exploring nature to better improve quality of life”, an approach that led to excellent results also in terms of environmental sustainability. This turned into projects of concrete applicability both for companies and for governmental authorities from all over the world. Therefore, projects on plant and animal production chains and livestock breeding will define the research and production activity of the next years.