The best scientific partners explore in Cremona 10 major topics

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions offer a high-quality scientific agenda with a special focus on the most topical issues of the agro-livestock sector. This is possible thanks to important partnerships, such as the long established partnership with CREA – Livestock farming and aquaculture (the major Italian research centre for agiculture) and the most recent with the SmartAgrifood Observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan that will present the “Working Table on the Dairy Sector”. Among other partners: AIVEMP, AITA, ANAFI, ASSALZOO, Chimica Verde Bionet, CIB, Legambiente, SIVAR.

2017 topics

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions explore every year the most promising markets and the latest innovations to offer new solutions and ideas. Among the topics that will be addressed in this year events programme:

  • Organic Productions

  • Digital Agriculture and Precision Breeding

  • Dairy Technology

  • Pig Production

  • Bioenergies

  • New Technologies and Innovations for the agro-livestock sector

  • Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability

  • Veterinary issues

Organic Productions

Organic products sales have been registering a growing trend since 2010 and have reached a 20% increase over the last year (SINAB figures).

Nowadays, 60,000 certified companies are active in Italy. In 2015, 4,500 companies switched to organic production. Over the last year, the number of dairy cattle farms switching to organic production has increased by 19.6%, a figure that well shows the great potential of this market. All the events related to this topic will highlight market trends, regulations and necessary steps to undertake for company conversion.

Digital Agriculture and Precision Breeding

According to the CREA Research Center, forecasts for Precision Farming in Italy do confirm a strong development of the sector and the related technologies. By 2021, 10% of agricultural yield will be managed through these systems.

Many applications have been developed for cereal production, fodder crops and livestock farming. Among the most popular crosscutting technologies: geopositioning systems (interaction satellite-machine, satellite-operator, DGPS, traceability, etc.), interaction tractor / operating machine (e.g. assistance systems, variable valving machines, ISOBUS technologies etc.), sensors (proximal sensing, drones, optical, thermal, spectral sensors, NDVI, IR etc.) and data processing and management (image analysis, computer vision, geostatistics, decisional support system, big data management etc.).

Events dedicated to Digital Agriculture will present the most innovative technologies and the latest systems through studies and case histories carried out in cooperation with CREA.

Dairy Technology

Nowadays, there are over 4,000 small-scale dairies in Italy. This is a constantly growing trend since it represents a valid business integration for livestock farms, without requiring too high investments. Excluding costs connected with premises adaptation, the necessary investment for small-scale dairies for the processing of about 300 liters of milk and a retail outlet can vary from 35 to 70 thousand euros. Without a retail outlet and with a lower processing capacity, a small-scale dairy can be installed with 15 thousand euros. This is an affordable investment for those who want to enhance the value of raw material and create a new source of income.

Events on this topic will focus on: market trends, preparation process to install a small-scale dairy and modern equipment to start the activity.

Pig production

The pig sector is currently enjoying good times. Exports of Italian excellent products are driving the whole sector: exports of fresh meats, preserved meat products, preparations and cured meats continue to reach an annual increase of volumes (+15.8%) and values (+8.2%). And right in this period there is the strong need of a strong and united sector able to enhance the value of these products that are very popular all over the world.

Events dedicated to the pig sector will focus on chain supplies and on technical and management aspects with the aim of updating sector professionals on the latest trends to help them better develop their activity.


Revamping, repowering, upgrading: the sector of renewable energies is almost ready to face a deep revolution. How about the future of the whole sector after the boom of large biogas plants? How will the scenario change after the decree on biomethane?

Events on bioenergies will help professionals understand the latest trends and take stock on the role of professional operators who are more and more involved in maintenance, service and process optimization for energy production.

New technologies and innovations for the agro-livestock sector

Technology in agriculture plays an increasingly important role. Also the smallest evolutions in equipment and integrated systems can lead to great changes both in terms of farm management and profitability.

Events focusing on new technologies will guide both breeders and farmers to discover cutting-edge technologies that can help them improve the profitability of their business.

Circular economy and environmental sustainability

Sustainability is the leitmotiv of human activities all around the world. This topic is shared by all the sectors of human activities, agriculture and livestock farming included, and is second only to food safety.

Circular economy, strongly pursued and supported by politics, represents nowadays a concrete answer to the growing need of virtuous behaviors: limiting food waste, partial reuse of food products and the use of byproducts and co-products are the key to a greater sustainability for the feed and livestock farming sector.

Veterinary issues

Vets play a key role in livestock farms, booth for dairy cattle and pigs. In Cremona, vets can find the right appointments for professional updates and training credits for their preparation.

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