Big Dutchman at Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions to directly presents itself in Italy

Big Dutchman has chosen Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions (October 25th – 27th, Cremona Exhibition Centre) for its first participation into an Italian Trade Show. With regards to the upcoming appointment we have interviewed Thomas Thomsen, Area Sales Manager Italy of Big Dutchman, leading company of the international scenario as to modern equipment for pig breeding, eggs and meat production.

For the first time, Big Dutchman directly presents itself in Italy, and this after the opening of its Italian branch in the province of Florence. What are your expectations as to the Italian market?

We have noticed an increased demand for automatically controlled technology on the Italian market, for example for clever ventilation systems for houses with forced ventilation, and reliable liquid and dry feeding systems. We can offer Italian farmers a wide range of solutions for sow management as well as piglet rearing and pig finishing.

Why did you choose to attend Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions for this presentation?

We believe that extensive service offers are very important. We use multiple channels to provide these services, both on site with our subsidiary BD Italia and through our employees working from the headquarters in Vechta, Germany. A first overview of our products and services and the company itself is also available on our Italian website

However, there is nothing like a detailed conversation in person to explain more about our products. We are therefore very much looking forward to the exhibition and our visitors.

Big Dutchman plays a leading role at international level as to poultry equipment for eggs and meat production and pig breeding. On which sector will be your focus during the Exhibition in Cremona?

We will only display our products for pig production.

Are you going to present some particular product lines?

We will show a representative cross section of our product range in Cremona. This includes classic Big Dutchman products such as the CallMatic electronic sow feeding system and more state-of-the-art developments. One example is the management software BigFarmNet. With this software, the farmer can centrally control, manage and monitor all computers and controllers on his farm. We will also exhibit CulinaCup and CulinaFlex, our automatic feeding system for suckling pigs. This system allows pig breeders to supply piglets from too-large litters successfully with feed.

Animal welfare is growing in importance and has a strong influence on consumers’ choices. What is Big Dutchman attitude in this sense?

Animal welfare is an important issue. In the European Union, the legislative authority has established minimum standards that apply to all member states alike. However, the fact that each EU country is permitted to implement stricter individual provisions has caused animal welfare to develop at different speeds in the different countries. Because we have accompanied the movement for many years, we can offer a wide range of products for animal welfare.

Technology is also a key element. How about the smart farming models you concentrate on and what kind of equipment have you already launched on the market?

As of today, we have introduced the BigFarmNet management and control system I already talked about to the Italian market. Other examples include the electronic sow feeding system CallMatic for sows kept in groups, which perfectly aligns the advantages of individual feeding with animal-friendly housing, and the volume-based feeding system EcoMatic, as well as various solutions for ventilation, liquid feeding systems, and more.